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Enabling “New Retail” and Business Innovation

Jio Commerce Platform: The Heartbeat of Reliance's Commerce Success

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For everyday, for every mood, for every you

Omni-channel beauty experience that offers the best of makeup, skincare, haircare & more from global & homegrown brands

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The showcase of traditional art forms

A B2C marketplace which showcases the artisanal heritage of India to the world

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Shopping from the comfort of your home

Cross-category digital commerce platform for everyday needs, that's making shopping easier, faster & more convenient than ever

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Powering commerce across Reliance Retail

All-Purpose Commerce
Jio Commerce Platform supports versatile business models
Seamless B2B, B2C, or D2C Selling
Scale and Sell Across Borders
Online or Offline, sell anywhere or everywhere
Scalable Commerce Solution
Adapts with finesse as the business flourishes
Unlimited customisation with no-code Headless Commerce
Add new features with powerful extensions
Scales-up as the business grows
Growth Friendly
Effortless selling with AI tools for targeted marketing and merchandising
SEO-friendly website and storefront
Fast loading storefront for better customer experience
Targeted campaigning with robust email & SMS tools

From Clicks to Counters: Business Any Way Possible

A one-stop solution for diverse business methods, sell via e-commerce and in-store with unlimited flexibility


An e-commerce platform that grows: Jio Commerce Platform builds successful businesses for the long term.

  • Headless commerce and SEO-friendly CMS
  • Unlimited commerce avenues: B2B, B2C, D2C and eB2B marketplace
  • AI-powered search engine with history, interest and trends-based results
  • Omnichannel selling with the integration of Reliance Retail marketplaces
  • Multivendor support and integration with JCP’s StoreOS and PoS systems

Brick and Mortar Store

Jio Commerce Platform fuels the businesses, enhances purchasing experiences and ignites revenue growth.

  • Point of Sale integration
  • Loyalty programme for enhanced customer retention and recurring purchase
  • Centralised inventory management in sync with your eCommerce store
  • Support for both Retail and Wholesale businesses
  • Faster shopping experience with Scan & Go’s self-checkout advantage

Order Management

Revolutionised order management. Seamlessly handle channels, inventory and returns with our advanced system.

  • Efficiently route orders for swift processing with Smart Order Routing Manager
  • Achieve seamless fulfilment across all channels via Omnichannel Selling
  • Manage your stock and inventory effortlessly
  • Centralised order management across diverse channels
  • Simplified returns with end-to-end order tracking

Catalog Management

Empowers businesses with dynamic catalogue management. Manage products, optimise pricing strategy and onboard merchants.

  • Effortlessly organise and manage products with Asset Management
  • Drive pricing precision with our advanced pricing engine
  • Dynamically adapt prices to market shifts and buying behaviour
  • Seamlessly onboard merchants to your platform
  • Efficiently manage user roles and permissions

Marketing & Promotions

The only commerce solution that scales as customers and opportunities emerge and transform. Sell more with precision marketing with Jio Commerce Platform.

  • Powerful SEO and SMM tools
  • Empower user engagement with ratings and reviews
  • Keep customers informed through email and SMS announcements
  • Run targeted campaigns and promotions to specific customer segments
  • Gain insights into customer behaviour through smart buyer analytics

How Jio Commerce Platform Makes Business Easy?

Simplified business process with the Jio Commerce Platform's Central Services: Streamlining Operations, Amplifying Reach and Elevating Success.

Master Data Hub

Single sync across channels for product information, serviceability, tax information and others.

Unified Customer Data Platform

Unified customer data, resolves identities and makes the customer data easily accessible across systems.

Seller Central

Single seller journey to onboard sellers and list products across multiple storefronts.

Commerce Control Tower

Console to route data streams and services across channels.

Catalog Cloud

Efficiently manage the catalogue data, ensure data accuracy and facilitate seamless collaboration with the vendors.

Real-time Unified Inventory

Unifying real time inventory across all online and offline retail channels.

Research Labs

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Accelerating Commerce for Customers, Merchants & Sellers

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Harnessing AI for Effortless Shopping Experience

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Unleashing immersive and delightful user experience

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Innovating Visual Data Processing with Computer Vision and AI

100+ brands empowered

JCP Extensions

Jio Commece Platform is an ecosystem of Integrations with top solutions making unified commerce a seamless activity.

100+ brands empowered

Gamified Shopping Experience

Transform shopping into an adventure, capturing engagement and loyalty through interactive challenges and rewards via mini-games.

100+ brands empowered

AR TryOn

Boost customer confidence with virtual product try-ons using Jio Commerce Platform's AR integration, enabling visualisation before purchasing.

100+ brands empowered

AI-based Product Suggestions

Using AI, Jio Commerce Platform suggests products that are more likely to be bought based on customer interests and other personal information.

100+ brands empowered

Coupons and Loyalty Program

Promote engagement through Jio Commerce Platform’s coupons and loyalty features, fostering repeat purchases and creating a rewarding experience for returning customers.

Fuelling Disruptive Sales in
Every Niche, Channel & Deal

Discover how the Jio Commerce Platform solves everyday business problems, opens-up new avenues and grow exponentially.

Advanced Ecommerce
Smart Offline Stores
Multi-Marketplace Selling

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