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World’s Most Advanced Commerce Platform

Unlock the full potential of your business, step into the future, and transform your retail journey with us

Jio Commerce Platform's remarkable expansion in 2023

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World’s Most Advanced Commerce Platform

Unlock the full potential of your business, step into the future, and transform your retail journey with us

Jio Commerce Platform's remarkable expansion in 2023

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Build With Us and Empower Your Presence

Set up your online store in minutes with our easy-to-use e-commerce website builder.
Jio Commerce Platform offers a Fully Featured Website with custom pages which is secure, SEO-friendly, and easy to establish a strong online identity

Dream it, Theme it!

Build your dream online store easily, no coding needed. Design your website or choose from a curated collection of theme templates that truly resonate with your brand

Themes for Every Style

Discover a diverse theme collection, from sleek to vibrant, ensuring the perfect fit that suits your unique style

Customizable Storefront

Transform your storefront with versatile and adaptable themes for a customized and engaging experience

Responsive Website

A website builder with fully responsive themes for optimal user experience across devices

User-Friendly & Intuitive

Your online journey with user-friendly navigation, user-friendly interface, and personalized experiences for a unique adventure

Fast & Secure Checkout

We have integrated fast and secure online checkout options as a standard feature to make online shopping smooth and secure for customers

Hybrid Product Listing Page

Build a product listing page with versatile banners, from carousels at the top to cards breaking the monotony, and promoting features contextually

a tablet displaying a website page for cosrxa cell phone displaying a product page for cosrx

Versatile Page Builder

Upgrade your website's appearance across devices with our sleek, React-based page builder

Build Any Page & Section

Construct any page effortlessly from landing to product pages with flexible design options

a person is typing on a laptop computer

Live Click-to-Build Interface

Simplify page creation with a user-friendly, code-free live click-to-build interface for quick and intuitive customization

Global Components

Edit once, and update everywhere! Make changes to the master component, and watch them reflect across all the pages

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Interactive Buying Guide

Create guides in the form of a quiz where your users answer a few questions and receive personalized product recommendations such as serums, moisturizers, fragrances, and more

Built-in Add-Ons

Elevate pages with built-in add-ons like Screen Size, Color Swatch, Image Optimizer, and Cross-selling for enhanced functionality

Custom Fields & Objects

Design custom data structures with Custom Objects, enabling the creation of additional fields for products, selling locations, and promotions

Themes powered by
Jio Commerce Platform

Looks great on any device with responsive designs built for modern shoppers

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Advanced E-Commerce

Experience the future of commerce with our Advanced E-commerce solutions, featuring Headless API integration, Video Commerce, and Gamification for an interactive and personalized retail experience

Headless Commerce

Fully Headless API suites for easy integrations with ERP, POS, storefront, and any other channel like Instagram, and WhatsApp, offering flexibility & scalability

Video Commerce

Upload short videos with shoppable product cards. Enabling your users to shop directly within the video for a personalized and interactive retail journey

Commerce Gamification

Transform shopping into an adventure, capturing engagement and loyalty through interactive challenges and rewards via mini-games

Developers Hub

Unlock limitless development potential with our comprehensive Developers Hub

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Sandbox: A Safe Developer Playground

Explore innovation stress-free with our Sandbox— a dynamic, isolated developer playground, ensuring multi-location support provisioning and risk-free experimentation

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Server-side Logic Customization

Embark on core customization, refining backend logic with serverless code. Create your platform, enjoy cost-effective development, and integrate with multi-language support

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APIs & SDKs: Empowering Developer Journeys

Leverage platform APIs for e-commerce insights, benefit from reusable SDK methods and elevate development with enhanced functionality and innovation

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Community Forum

Share knowledge, exchange ideas, and find inspiration from fellow users, industry experts, and our team of experts

Search Engine Optimisation

Boost your website’s SEO and drive traffic with our strategic meta tags, XML sitemaps, Schema listings, and self-canonical tags for optimal visibility and ranking

Custom Meta Tags

Meta tags, such as titles, and descriptions enhance SEO by providing search engines with crucial information and optimizing visibility and ranking

XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap offers insights into a website's content, structure, and organization, aiding search engines' inefficient indexing and navigation for accurate results

Schema Listing

Craft SEO Schema templates here to elevate storefront visibility, credibility, and user engagement in search results using sample variables for formatting

Self Canonical Tag

A canonical tag designates a URL as the main page. A self-referential one is on the primary version, ignoring duplicates elsewhere

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Extension Marketplace

Enhance your business experience using extensions built on the Jio Commerce Platform designed exclusively for the retail

One-Click Installation

Enjoy extension integration with one-click installation, streamlining the process for a smoother user experience

Bind Extension APIs

Easily bind extension APIs with designated slots for personalized page customization in our React and Vue themes

Build Custom Extensions

You can build custom extensions and gain complete control over your website's functionality

Public and Private Extensions

Access both public and private extensions, providing flexibility and security in your theme enhancements

Product Merchandising & Enrichment

Showcase products at their best with customization and eye-catching details to grab shopper's attention!

Dynamic Catalog Enhancement

Dynamic catalog enhancement optimizes content presentation for improved user engagement

Product Bundle

Easily bundle multiple products into single SKUs for better deals, boosting catalog size and order value

Product Combos

Increase average order value by showcasing enticing product combos for a perfect shopping experience

Product Availability

Keep customers informed and display real-time stock status to enhance their confidence and purchasing decisions

Made to Order

Discover our 'Made to Order' selection for the products that are manufactured on demand. Stay informed with accurate delivery timelines

Compare Products

Your users can choose from the existing product attributes, allowing them to compare and make informed decisions before purchase

Product Tags

Elevate exploration, fostering personalized and efficient online experiences for your customers

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Diverse Variant Choices

A comprehensive product experience is achieved through diverse variant choices, enhancements, and robust multi-variant support features

Variant Enhancements

Hex support and Color Picker feature for a richer product display and enhanced variant management

Customizable Variant Range

Expand product possibilities with up to 80 variants per product, generating options for diverse customer preferences

Strategic Virtual Bundles

Enabling your users to bundle multiple products in a single SKU on the storefront helps in increasing overall catalog size and also boosts the average order value

Multi Variant support with Color Swatches

Add multiple variants to the same product and visually showcase options with color swatch tiles on the storefront

Inventory Pro

Easily manage inventory across platforms, set quantity rules, drive sales with discount timers, and efficiently handle perishable stock

Real-time Integrations

Connect with ease and manage inventory across Unicommerce, Vinculum, Ginesys, Browntape, Omsguru, Easyecom, and Increff & more for easy operations

Quantity Rules

Set your product quantities with defined minimum and maximum order limits, ensuring seller-controlled order placements

Discount Timer

Create urgency and drive sales with customizable discount timers, encouraging swift customer action for exclusive deals

Inventory Configuration

Efficiently manage perishable stock with expirable inventory settings. Set location and global buffers for precision

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Digital Asset Management

Optimize digital assets with API integration for image transformations, CDN for global delivery, smart automation, and bulk transformations ensuring quality and uniformity

Image Transformation

Efficiently bulk transform images, ensuring premium quality and uniformity for an organized, visually appealing website

Smart Automation

Machine learning and AI-trained datasets can perform automated transformations on diverse image formats like PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP

Global CDN

Use our powerful content delivery network to reduce image load time and deliver optimized images at lightning-fast speed across the globe

API Workflows

Integrate APIs with your existing tech stack for the productive execution of image transformations, optimizations, and deliveries

AR/VR Product Visualization

Innovative AR/VR product visualization features for an enhanced shopping experience

Virtual Try-On

AR face-tracking tech that enables virtual try-ons, enhancing user experience and engagement

3D Catalog Experience

Customize the storefront with an interactive 3D viewer, adjusting size, camera, and gestures

Match My Makeup

Discover your perfect foundation shade at Slick with a short quiz and personalized recommendations

Video Consultation

Get expert advice, right at your fingertips with Beauty Advisors via video call, receiving product recommendations

a man wearing a virtual reality headset

Optimized Checkout & Transactions

Simplify your buying process with our Advanced Optimized Checkout features for a stress-free purchasing journey

a free shipping sign with the words free shippinga one - click checkout button with an arrow pointing to ita gift card with the words gifts and proms on it

Checkout Simplified

Skip the cart and head directly to the checkout page for an express checkout experience. Browse and purchase—no account required! Our Guest Checkout option guarantees a swift and smooth shopping experience

Gifts & Promo

Add a personal touch to the shopping experience. Your user can now select gifts for individual products during checkout

Product Gift Wrapping

Sellers now have the option to individually gift wrap each product, ideal for making every item in an order special

Gift with Purchase

Configure brand-sponsored gift offers with conditions, automatically adding gifts to users' carts

Free Shipping

Enable the option of free shipping when your cart total surpasses a specified amount threshold

a silver tray with a price tag on ita white and green sign that says sold by appro retail private ltda group of giraffe standing next to each other on a fielda white shirt with a green tag on it


BuyBox feature ensures reliable stock availability, introduces dynamic pricing for real-time competition, and attracts more sellers, enhancing customer satisfaction and market competitiveness

Product Availability

BuyBox ensures reliable product availability, preventing stockouts through efficient vendor selection

Dynamic Pricing

Promotes real-time vendor competition for better deals, fostering a healthy market and benefiting customers

Increase Sellers

Expands opportunities for 3P and RTI aggregator sellers, enabling them to offer products while amplifying platform diversity and seller engagement

Fine-Tune Payment Methods

Efficiently set up payment gateway preferences for online, offline, and split payments, supporting Razorpay, CC Avenue, Rupifi, Simpl, and PayU

Easy Integration

Configure your payment gateway, adding merchant details with just a few clicks for a seamless experience

Multi-MOP Support

Enable multi-mode payment support including Card, NetBanking, Wallet, UPI, Cardless EMI, Pay Later, and QR options

Dynamic QR Code

Generate dynamic QR codes on COD invoices for enhanced payment tracking and convenience

Anonymous COD

Enables COD for guest users, enhancing flexibility and convenience

COD and Promotions

Elevate user experience with enhanced caching for quicker COD and promotional queries at the product level

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Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

Empowering users with financial flexibility, Buy Now Pay Later transforms shopping into a personalized experience, letting you enjoy your purchases on your own terms

Pay Later

We provide users with a convenient service to Purchase Now and Pay Later, boosting affordability and purchasing power

Flexible Installment

Offer interest-free, flexible installment plans to users, giving them the option to make purchases at their convenience

Smooth Checkout

Integrates smoothly into the checkout process, enhancing overall user satisfaction

One-Stop Payment with JioOne Pay

Your NoCode solution for boosting merchant experience. Easily onboard, customize payments, and monitor flows. Enjoy end-to-end visibility and flexibility for smooth online payments

Custom Payment Page

Customize your user interface as per business requirement with a dashboard configuration

Routing Preferences

Ensure business continuity during PG downtime, handle high TPS on sale days, and optimize traffic based on commercials

Offer Engine

Easily create diverse offers on various payment modes. Configure instant discounts and cashbacks for Cards, Net Banking, and UPI

a group of giraffe standing next to each other on a fielda display screen with the text change the look and feela picture of a cell phone with the text payment gateway status select modes of payment
a phone with a money refunded sign on it

Easy Refund Process

Simplify your experience with an easy refund process for hassle-free transactions and customer satisfaction

Single SMS Confirmation

Receive a single SMS confirmation for the return, cancellation, or short-picked orders, simplifying your experience

Pennydrop Verification

Simplifying refunds with improved verification using Pennydrop ensuring that refunds reach the correct account

Application MOP

Configurable refund priority between MOPs on the application level for optimized refund management

Enhanced Notification

Enable communications to customers with new templates containing more details like transaction reference number, etc at multiple stages of refund

Offline Solutions

Elevate the in-store experience for shoppers and retailers through the digitisation of physical spaces

Endless Aisle Solutions

Ensure uninterrupted sales by overcoming stock limitations and never miss an opportunity again. Our sleek Endless Aisle connects customers to brand-wide inventory, anytime.

Single SMS Refund

Apply in-store promotions to endless aisles for consistency

Enhanced Verification with Pennydrop

Manage sales incentives by assigning transactions during checkout

Endless Aisle Solutions

Ensure uninterrupted sales by overcoming stock limitations and never miss an opportunity again. Our sleek Endless Aisle connects customers to brand-wide inventory, anytime.

Single SMS Refund

Apply in-store promotions to endless aisles for consistency

Enhanced Verification with Pennydrop

Manage sales incentives by assigning transactions during checkout

Distance Selling & Clienteling

Boost store revenue with personalized shopping using Store OS features.

Single SMS Refund

Store associates can create and send personalized collections through the app

Enhanced Verification with Pennydrop

Personalize your home shopping links to match in-store collections, even adding exclusives!

Quick Checkout

Empower convenient payments from any device, anywhere, with our versatile checkout solutions.

Mobile POS

Mobile POS for quick, cashless checkouts

Terminal POS

Terminal POS supports detailed Product Descriptions and Listing Pages for comprehensive product information during billing

Queue-busting Self Check-out

This solutions empower customers to pay and checkout on their own

Scan & Go

Shop autonomously with swift barcode scanning, eliminating the need for traditional shopkeeper assistance

  • Browser only: No requirement to download any app

  • Time-Efficient Shopping

  • Simple and convenient product returns

  • Compatibility with various payment methods, and more

  • Intuitive user interface designed for enhanced user experience

Order Fulfilment

Elevate operational efficiency across channels with Jio Commerce order management system. Get a single inventory view and multi-channel order fulfilment system

a screenshot of a cell phone with a map in the background

Order Optimization

Ensure optimal and cost-effective order routing with intelligent automation and manage the fulfilment process to your needs

Promise Engine

Give your customers accurate delivery timelines based on their delivery location

Order Reassignment

Automatically reassigns orders to the nearest inventory location while providing manual flexibility for reassignment to preferred destinations

SLA Visibility

Track and meet all order SLAs with priority-wise sorting. Get notified about orders that are about to or have already breached their SLAs

Order Tags

Customize order workflows with tags for made-to-order, gift-wrapping, high-priority, and special delivery requests

a drawing of a map of a city
a drawing of a map of a city
a screenshot of a web page with a check box

Simplify Return Experience

Easily manage product returns for both Return to Origin(RTO) and Standard Returns

Quality Check

Implement doorstep quality checks for order inspection, ensuring products meet quality before they are picked

Manual Returns

Help your customers by manually handling their return requests, ensuring a smooth process, and addressing their product-related concerns with care

Return Merchandise Authorisation

Personalized rules for customer questions, listing reasons and sub-reasons, and optional quality control measures if needed

Return Window Configuration

Easily configure the return window for products, simplifying the process and ensuring a hassle-free and efficient experience for returns

a drawing of a map of a city

Fraud Detection

Implementing fraud detection measures to restrict returns, cancellations, and refunds for enhanced security

Block Order

Users can be prevented from placing new orders considering past behaviour or any suspicious activity

Customer Cohorts

A cohort functionality that defines whether fees charged to the user are refundable or not when the user returns or cancels the product

COD/Convenience Fees

Block COD for users or apply COD fees when COD is selected as a payment method. Incur fees based on their purchase history analysis

Disable Return Option

Flag shipments as non-returnable for all products based on the purchase history of the customer

Restrict Cancellation

Labelling all shipments as non-cancellable, restricting customer access

Manual Refund Approval

Deactivate automatic refunds for prepaid orders, requiring admin approval

a drawing of a map of a city

Bulk Fulfilment

Boost operational efficiency of order processing, invoice, and label generation via bulk order processing for optimal productivity

Bulk Invoices and Labels

Generate personalized PDFs for Invoices, labels, Delivery Challan, and Credit Note, Include relevant information for each document

Bulk Processing

Save time and effort for shipment processing with our Bulk Action feature.Manage multiple orders at once using Excel or CSV files

a drawing of a map of a city

Cross-Selling Shipments

Introducing Jio Commerce’s latest feature empowering management and enhanced control

Easy Navigation across Locations

Navigate available locations to allocate orders to the highest-ranked stores

Minimize Order Cancellations

Reduce cancellations by automatically reallocating orders to alternative fulfilment locations, minimizing stockouts and damages

Shipment Control

Easily access cross-selling shipments details, toggle between standard and exclusive cross-company orders

a black and white map with blue markers
a drawing of a map of a city
a cell phone with a map of a city in the background

Simplified Manifest

Sort & Filter delivery partners, generate manifests, and securely upload signed manifests, ensuring perpetual safe storage in our system

Manifests Generation

Easily generate and upload manifests for assigned delivery partners, Apply filters to sort out delivery partner and store locations to prioritize manifestation

Proof of Dispatch

Maintain proof of dispatched orders and track shipment volume allocated to delivery partners for efficient logistics management

Order Customization

Customizations that helps control all your shipments

Split Shipments

Split shipment enables the division of a single order into multiple shipments offering flexibility by allowing separate fulfilment from different locations

Custom Invoice PDF

This tool lets sellers generate custom PDFs tailored to their branding for invoices, labels, delivery challans, and credit note

Order and Shipment View

Customize your viewing experience by opting for Order View to see all shipments in an order or Shipment View for processing specifics

a screen shot of a cell phone with the text split alignment
a drawing of a map of a city

Supply Chain Management

Efficiently manage the flow of goods with our logistics solutions, optimizing supply chain processes for timely and reliable deliveries to enhance your e-commerce operations

a drawing of a house with a car parked in front of it

Supply Chain Operating System

Supply ChainOS gives you complete visibility over all 
stages from order management and inventory planning to warehousing, fulfillment, and logistics

Distributed Order Management System

Easily oversee orders from diverse channels with a centralized dashboard, smart routing, and customizable rules. Choose from various fulfilment options, including B2B and bulk orders

Supply Chain Workflow Builder

Revolutionize your supply chain with our no-code workflow builder by leveraging AI and data intelligence
to give the winning edge

Transportation Dynamics

Efficiently manage transport fleets, optimize routes, and empower drivers with a user-friendly mobile app for refine order fulfillment and task automation

Last Mile Logistics

Manage multiple carriers, automate assignments, leverage 13 pre-onboarded partners, and customize courier rules

a drawing of a garage and a moving truck
a tablet with a stack of books on top of it

Delivery Customization & Configuration

Personalize the way you want to deliver every order

Customized Order Process

Enhance the order process with partner integrations, and advanced sorting, prioritisation features, or custom rules

Flexible Delivery Options

Sellers can opt for a personalized self-serve or third-party delivery setup, tailoring their approach to best suit their business needs

Efficient Order Assignment

Simplify delivery management by assigning orders based on default settings or seller-created rules, ensuring efficient and organized fulfilment processes

Swift Logistics

Streamline Your Supply Chain for Seamless Operations and Optimal Seller Satisfaction

Precise Locator

Empower sellers with the ability to customize and pinpoint store locations on maps, streamlining navigation for delivery executives and optimizing discoverability

Live Updates

Stay informed with live updates from the delivery partner, offering real-time insights into the actual shipment location against every order


Seize control with "Self-Ship": Sellers manage the shipping journey, bypassing Jio Commerce logistics, delivering directly
to customers

Heavy Shipments

An exclusive delivery partner is automatically assigned heavy
items like furniture for
specialized handling

a machine with a gear wheel on top of it
a map with a location marker and a location marker on it

Zonal Control

Easy zone setup for cities, pin codes, or states. Personalize discounts for strategic customer targeting

Zone Creation

Zone control can be done for cities, pin codes, or states. Personalize discounts for your target audience or target zone

Multiple Discount

Configure multiple discounts for
a single store serving different clusters or zones, adapting to diverse customer regions and
pin codes easily

Overlapping Zones

Prevent the assignment of the same pin codes to different zones by implementing an overlapping zones error check

Order Routing Rules

Establish order assignment rules, prioritize destinations, ensure efficient logistics, and optimize delivery workflows for enhanced operational performance

Maximize Order Efficiency

Maximize order efficiency on
your sales channel by leveraging our feature to personalize store assignments

Optimized Order Fulfilment

Easily sort through available locations and allocate orders to the highest-ranked store using our fundamental prioritization feature or tailor the process with custom rules crafted by the seller for optimized order fulfilment

a computer with a blue arrow pointing to the screen
an illustration of a shelf with a pair of shoes on it

Hyperlocal Delivery

Experience swift same-day deliveries with our advanced
promise engine and optimized logistics controls for rapid
local order fulfilment

Quick Delivery

Offer swift local service with
same-day deliveries. Utilize our serviceability/promise engine, refining logistics through zone restrictions and pin code-to-store mapping

Hyperlocal Partners

Opt for a manual definition or optimal controls for streamlined assignments, supported by hyperlocal logistics partners for rapid order fulfillment

Packaging  Dimensions

Revolutionize your shipping efficiency with our Packaging Dimensions feature—providing precise details for cost-effective logistics and efficient shipping operations

Accurate Dimensions

Accurately update packaging dimensions to optimize logistics charges for cost-effective and efficient shipping processes

Shipping Charges

Enhance cost precision by providing correct packaging details, and ensuring accurate logistics charges for streamlined shipping operations

a stack of coins sitting on top of a table

Attract and Engage with Customers

Elevate your marketing game! Craft personalized campaigns, engage instantly, and build lasting loyalty for unparalleled customer connections and impactful brand success

a woman is holding a tablet and smiling

Target Your Audience

Create targeted marketing by identifying and categorizing your audience, enabling personalized communication. Ensure effective engagement, building meaningful connections that boost marketing success and customer satisfaction

Profile Builder

We capture 1st party data of the users like their type and interests, and unlock a personalized 'For You' page with custom product recommendations, articles, and video suggestions based on the user profile

Build Customer Group

Sort your customers into groups based on what's important, interesting, or valuable. This helps you understand and serve your customers better

Personalize Messages

Create automated marketing messages that reach customers when they need them most, in a way that suits them perfectly

Optimized Marketing

Enhance marketing effectiveness using data insights for targeted strategies, customer understanding, and improved results

a woman is holding a tablet and smiling
a woman holding a tablet in her hands

Unify, Manage, and Grow
The Central Distributor Management System

Experience a revolutionary platform easily handling multi-brand operations, direct-to-retailer transactions, and data-driven insights for millions of empowered retailers.

Onboarding of Merchants

Efficient self-onboarding with automated validations and manual approval, and assisted onboarding for sales-driven retailer expansion tracking

Self Ordering

Order placement via product search, PLP selection, and product details with configurable min/max quantities; payment through the JioOne Pay app.

Bulk Ordering Simplified

Efficiently order multiple items on one page, with recommendations from sales history and automated cart creation.

Assisted Sales

A dedicated field sales team that will create orders for mapped distributors/retailers based on beat planning, facilitating streamlined payment links.

a man with his arms crossed looking upa black and white photo of a person on a cell phonea white square with an orange outline of a persona white square with an orange outline of a cogwheel

Real-time Excellence

Use one platform to plan campaigns, connect with customers personally, and make smart decisions for an optimized journey

A Natively Connected Foundation

Built on the Jio Commerce Platform, real-time customer data offers native connectivity with other applications, speed up time to value without additional connectors

Real-time Customer Action

Lay the groundwork for personalized journeys with unified profiles built from online data. This helps in identity stitching and audience management helping to provide real-time messaging triggers

Create Personalized Experiences

Our robust, AI-driven tools help automate the delivery of constantly updating, personalized messages across every channel. Staying ahead as users switch devices and apps!

Level Up Your Collections

Tackling seller challenges, we've rolled out new features for customizable collection listings, giving you more flexibility and control with advanced SEO strategies

Product Pinning &

Sellers can pin specific products, gain control over featured items, and hide products from their collections listings

Basic & Handpicked Collections

Organize your products with Basic and Handpicked Collections, making it easy for customers to find curated items and essentials at ease

AI-powered SEO

Optimize collections with our advanced SEO details. Add a title and description or use AI-powered options for automatic generation

Better Built-in Smart Searches

Jio Commerce platform has improved user experience with advanced search capabilities. Easily find popular products, fix spelling errors, and get quick suggestions for a faster browsing experience!

Searchable Attributes

Select specific attributes to fine-tune search results, optimize the hierarchy of attributes, reduce off-target results, and ensure spot-on searches

Autocomplete Search

Predictive text anticipates user queries, simplifying search with automatic completion and direct result access

Keyword Mapping

Simply assign keywords to your product items for quick and accurate search results on your website

Relevance Logic

Our platform optimizes PLP product orders using algorithmic scores, updating sequences based on sales, clicks, returns, and newness

Reward Program

Foster customer loyalty through a rewards program, offering incentives, discounts, and exclusive perks to repeat customers, creating a sense of appreciation and building long-term brand loyalty

Refer & Earn

Attract users through referrals, sign-ups, and offers. Accumulate reward points for enhanced engagement and satisfaction


Unlock user satisfaction. Allow point redemption for enhanced engagement, making their rewards count


Elevate engagement. Launch giveaways to boost reward points for your audience's benefit

a cell phone with a message on the screenwhatsapp logo on an orange backgroundan orange background with the word invie on it

Go Beyond Discounts

Drive sales and customer loyalty with enticing promotions and coupons, offering valuable incentives that encourage conversions and brand relationship

an orange and white book with an orange corner

Targeted Email Domain Promotions

Target specific email domains, craft personalized deals, and elevate campaigns for maximum effectiveness and engagement

an orange and white shopping bag with a dress on it

Product Tag Based Promotion

Sellers can create promotions centred on specific product tags & create deals that focus on any product attribute tagged, making promotions sharper and more appealing

a white and orange object with a black stripe

Promotion Restriction

Customize promotions based on user domain for personalized and effective marketing, Modify your discount and offers accordingly

a piece of paper with a percentage sign on it

Smart Coupon

Differentiate between Bank Offers and Regular Discount Coupons for targeted savings

an orange and white shopping bag with an orange dress on it

Available vs. Applicable Coupons

Dynamically display savings on each coupon, calculated based on the cart total

two orange and white squares with a chat button


Buy X Items Get Y Items Free, Buy X Items at Absolute Amount, Buy X amount and Get Y percentage off, X Amount Value and  X Percentage Value

a man sitting on the floor looking at his cell phonea picture of a man with five stars on it

Ratings and Reviews

Discover insights and opinions with Ratings and Reviews guiding your choices through collective customer experiences

Diverse Sections

Segmented into Customer Rating, Image Review, and Product Feedback for comprehensive evaluation and insightful analysis

Automated Reviews

Automate reviews with preset conditions or moderate from the dashboard. Respond to and address queries via GAI-powered app integration

Smart Control

Smart Controls ensure a positive environment: Text Moderation masks inappropriate content, Image Moderation filters NSFW images, and Sentimental Analysis

Frolic Engage

Boost engagement on your website! Integrate Frolic Engage which enables users to be rewarded for signing up and referring friends. Customize how you earn and redeem points

User Dashboards

Dashboards display user counts and track points redeemed, earned, and total rewards acquired by the users effectively

Rewards Configuration

Personalize how users earn and redeem points or organize giveaways with customizable options for personalized engagement experiences

Your Business, at Your Fingertips

From team collaboration to data-driven decisions, experience a holistic management solution that transforms how you operate

Data Automation with Boltic

A Modern Enterprise Grade Data Platform with the vision to simplify data exploration and make life easier with automation

Centralize Your Data

Connect apps with no-code quick integrations and improve collaboration with user-friendly credentials. Easily gather and automate data flows from any source, enhancing collaboration efficiency in real-time operations

Automate Your Workflows

Multi-Schedules - Send multiple reports at once to avoid making schedules manually saving overall time.

Custom Schedules - Set Custom dates and times for your reports and automate execution times for Hourly, Daily, or weekly reports

Transform Your Data

Boltic helps you with multiple data transformations, explores data with self-service ease, and leverages a powerful script engine for efficient operations


25+ Integrations across various categories, Boltic easily integrates with MongoDB, BigQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rest API, and more for enhanced connectivity and data accessibility

Manage Your Business

Easily govern your business ecosystem with comprehensive tools, from brand management to access customization and transparent activity tracking

Company Profile

Create and manage the company's array of brands across diverse selling locations. Easily create, customize, and edit brands as necessary

Access Management

Empower your staff with versatile company-level access to teams, products, orders, and more. Additionally, customize sales channel access

Domain & Redirections

Choose from predefined domains or link your existing domain effortlessly. Set up domain redirection to guide visitors seamlessly or implement path redirection for a smooth transition between URL paths

Activity Log

Record and track changes within your business to enhance transparency and security, ensuring accountability and compliance with user activities in the system

Ticket Management System

Smoothly handle customer and support queries with our ticket system. Keep track, communicate, and deliver excellent support for a hassle-free experience

International Reach

Enhance support forms with mobile number country codes for global accessibility

Escalation Management

Easily add relevant team members to escalated issues on the Jio Commerce Platform

Communication Hub

Introduce a dedicated replies section under escalated tickets for efficient interactions

Visual Updates

Improve user experience with UI changes on the Ticket Details screen

two screens showing the same amount of sales

Analytics & Data Reports

Gain actionable insights with robust analytics, real-time dashboards, and customizable reports for a data-driven business advantage


Utilize integrated dashboards for orders, logistics, inventory, and user insights. Track order details, inventory metrics, logistics performance, and user engagement efficiently for a comprehensive business overview


Review current reports or create custom ones, then schedule regular sharing with stakeholders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for effective communication

Business Synergy with B2B

Building a reliable, affordable, and convenient stock ordering experience for brands, distributors, and retailers. Enable brands with smart data-driven choices, leveraging insights to monetize and pave the way for a brighter business future

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Unify, Manage, and Grow:
Distributor Management System

Experience a revolutionary platform easily handling multi-brand operations, direct-to-retailer transactions, and data-driven insights for millions of empowered retailers

Onboarding of Merchants

Efficient self-onboarding with automated validations and manual approval, and assisted onboarding for sales-driven retailer expansion tracking

Self Ordering

Order placement via product search, PLP selection, and product details with configurable min/max quantities; payment through the JioOne Pay app

Bulk Ordering Simplified

Efficiently order multiple items on one page, with recommendations from sales history and automated cart creation

Assisted Sales

A dedicated field sales team that will create orders for mapped distributors/retailers based on beat planning, facilitating streamlined payment links

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Business Credit and Payments

Empower your business with efficient credit management, channel finance, and secure payment integration

Udhari/ Business credit

Extend, monitor, and manage credit easily for distributors and retailers through an intuitive admin panel

Channel Finance

Enable retailers and distributors with streamlined channel finance using Perfios integration

Secure Integration

Ensure secure transactions with IMPS/RTGS via virtual account codes, holding orders until confirmed

Personalized UI

Build your brand's digital identity with personalized UI, adaptive features, and user-centric displays

Customized Brand Experience

Designing distinctive UI elements to elevate your brand, delivering a personalized and memorable user experience

User-Centric Display Preferences

Individualize UI Based on Agent, Distributor, Retailer, or Wholesaler Preferences

Adaptive Feature Control

Optimize user experience dynamically through precise UI display and functionality control using adaptive feature flags

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Brand Dashboard

Gain strategic insights with brand dashboards, customized analytics, and dynamic filtering precision

Performance Analytics

Efficiently track inventory, sales, and distribution metrics with advanced performance analytics for insightful business decisions

Dynamic Filtering Precision

Achieve detailed performance insights by dynamically filtering data, drilling down from state to city with precision

Customize Reporting

Create and share reports seamlessly within the DMS platform, empowering data-driven decision-making for all users

Next-gen Commerce with AI

AI-powered platform to assist, guide, and collaborate with users to perform tasks more efficiently, make informed decisions, or navigate through complex processes


Your All-in-one multimedia transformation platform!

Image Perfection Suite

Store, transform, and deliver flawless images with intelligent tools for professional results

Optimization Hub

Real-time transformations, filters, and digital asset management for unparalleled web engagement

Quality-Driven Efficiency

Apply filters, resize, compress images effortlessly for fast, high-quality visual experiences

Rapid Content Distribution

Download the image data in a CSV or ZIP format and share across your channels easily

Jio AI

A Unified MLOps platform that brings the power of generative AI into your business workflows and builds the next generation of software using LLMs

Rapid Prototyping

Access pre-trained models for quick prototyping and seamless integration into projects

Model Registration

Register models effortlessly via the Partner Panel, specifying details, architecture, and initial configurations

Adaptable Models

Fine-tune models with custom data, adapting them to specific needs for improved domain-specific performance

Efficient  Training

Save time with distributed support, utilising multiple GPUs and CPUs for faster model training

Visual Recommendations with AI

Our AI-driven solutions redefine the way you discover products online. Discover accurate product matches, dynamic combinations, and trendy selections, making each interaction personalized and trendsetting

Similar Products Generation

AI-driven precision matches products seamlessly, enhancing user experience, engagement, and satisfaction in catalog searches

Bought-Together Products

Boost your shopping experience! Smart AI suggests perfect pairs, enhancing your choices and expanding your cart

Trending Products

Discover trending products tailored to your preferences, reflecting popular brands and latest market trends for dynamic shopping


Descripto generates automatic product descriptions using key attributes like Name, Brand, Material, and Occasion. Save time, enhance accuracy, and take your e-commerce game to the next level

Single Attribute Generation

Generate the description for a product using its attributes

Bulk Generation on filtered products

Filter products based on Brand and Category, & generate descriptions for filtered products

Bulk generation via Excel upload

Generate descriptions for a list of products in an Excel sheet identified by their UID

Engineering X

An AI-powered platform for streamlined and efficient product development, covering the entire Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) while fostering collaboration and elevating productivity across teams

Design Automation

Effortlessly make design drafts with Fex Figma Plugin, smoothly shift from design to code, and make data-driven decisions for user-friendly experiences

Tech Debt Mitigation

Spot technical issues, ensure code quality by enforcing standards, and reduce errors with the Fex Code Review tool for automated reviews

Code Assistance

Code completion tools like GitHub Copilot boost productivity with suggestions, while Code Wikipedia Copilot optimizes code for better performance and efficiency

Quality Assurance

Automate testing to guarantee code quality and reliability by generating test cases and scenarios, including unit, regression, and integration tests based on the codebase

Copilot  Platform

Create a custom chatGPT for your website with Copilot and let it engage with your users, handle customer support, generate leads, and a lot more

Connect your Data Sources

Connect, upload files, or add a website for crawling

Train your Data Sources

Your Copilot will use all your data sources to train itself

Customize your Copilot

Customize your Copilot to your website colors and branding

Deploy wherever you want

Add your Copilot on your website or embed as a widget

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